Board of Trustees
David A. Phares, Chairman
Nancy K. Brown, Vice-Chair
David A. Finfrock, Member
Melanie Cochran, Fiscal
OfficerTim King, Twp.
Station 51, 11100 Gerlaugh Rd.
Hertzler House in George Rogers Clark Park
Bethel Township   937-849-9499     FAX 888-882-2409
Bethel Township
3333 Lake Rd.     
Medway OH 45341
(c) Bethel Township all rights reserved

Bethel Township
Clark County, Ohio
Board of Trustees
David A. Phares, Chairman
ald K.  Minton, Vice-Chair
Nancy K. Brown, Member
Melanie Cochran, Fiscal Officer
Shelly Huntington, Twp. Admin.
Jacob King, Fire Chief

Trustee Meetings are the
2nd and 4th Tues. of month  
at 7:00 p.m., 3333 Lake Rd.

Informal work sessions are  
announced at conclusion of
each meeting.


The Community
Building at Styer Park
(former Lions Den)
can be rented for
$250 per day.

Donnelsville Park
cabin can be rented
for $125 per day.  

The playground and
picnic shelter in
Donnelsville Park
remain open to all
park visitors.

Call Shelly Huntington
at 849-9499 ext. 1 for
rental details or for
Get Instant Notification
in Case of Emergencies

In Clark County, Hyper-Reach will
automatically call your home number in case
of local emergencies or community alerts
without your having to register.  

However, you must provide the needed
information if you also wish to receive these
alerts on your cell phone, by email, or TDD.  
There is no charge.

Click this link to register:


Nuisance Properties

Bethel Township has received complaints of nuisance
conditions at the following properties, which are now
being notified:

The owners of the following properties are
ordered to clean up and mow their property
within seven days.
After that time the township will declare each
unabated property a nuisance and contract to have
them cleaned up and/or mowed, with all costs
assessed to their tax duplicates, as authorized in  
ORC 505.87.

Read Ohio Township
Association class notes


See pictures from the
Fair at New Boston
Plant - A - Palooza!!!
Mother's Day Baskets
Creation Corner for the Kids
McGruff the Dog
Care Flight landing
and lots more.....!

An opportunity to buy your spring plants from
Hometown Growers Nursery

A portion of all proceeds benefit the Bethel
Township Firefighter's Association

Saturday, May 3
3333 Lake Rd.
Report Nuisance
To report properties with tall
grass and weeds, trash in the
yard, junk vehicles, or other
nuisance conditions,
email or call:
849-9499 ext. 1
Electric and Gas
Aggregation on
ballot May 6

Bethel Twp. is trying to become
an energy aggregator, which
requires approval of the
citizens. The issue will be on
the Primary Ballot. If approved,
this will reduce the cost of all
residential and small business
gas and electric bills in Bethel
Township, New Carlisle, and
Donnelsville. Study the issue,
then be sure and vote.